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Read to Achieve

The Read to Achieve Program is a part of the Excellent Public Schools Act which became law in July of 2012 and applies to all elementary schools. Through the implementation of this program, it is “the goal of the State to ensure that every student read at or above grade level by the end of the third grade and continue progress in reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend, integrate, and apply complex texts needed for secondary education and career success.”


K-3 students are assessed in reading three times per year. The assessments provide information to your child’s teacher on the strengths and areas of growth for your child.  The assessments provide valuable information to your child’s teacher that assists the teacher in planning instructional experiences specific to the needs of your child.


If your child is in third grade, your child will take the North Carolina End of Grade (EOG) Reading test. If your child is not proficient on the EOG Reading test and did not demonstrate proficiency on other benchmark assessments, then he or she will have the opportunity to take the Read to achieve test.  If your child does not demonstrate proficiency on the Read to achieve test, approved alternative, or qualify for an exemption, then your child may attend a summer reading camp.  This reading camp will be provided free of charge.