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Mission and Purpose

The Mission of Bridges Academy is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop an academic foundation that empowers students to reach their full potential.
The Founding Purpose of Bridges Academy is to continue to create a nurturing environment with the conviction that making connections defines the creative learning process.  The whole community - teachers, students, and parents - become the bridges that link life and learning and provide a deeper understanding of the concepts, patterns, and principles that are the foundation of knowledge in our world.  All students must be provided with an opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Recent News

Monday 4/12 Bridges Transportation Changes

On Monday, April 12th, Bridges transportation will open to full capacity. Parents will need to check their child's book bags for an info slip about route changes, times, and meeting spots. Parents, please call the school if you have any questions.
Empowerment - A Bridge To Success